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About Clear Medicare Options
A leap of faith…

About nine years ago I had a good job at a national home improvement company. I 'd been there for 5 years and had earned seniority, vacation time and a pretty decent income. I liked my job but I didn't love it as I didn't feel any sense of reward, other than monetary, for my work. Despite my successes, I felt disconnected from my career. Something was missing. I decided to take a leap of faith and placed my resume with an online agency. I was contacted by a company whose hiring manager felt I might be a fit for them, in serving the needs of Medicare beneficiaries. The job was to assist people to select their Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans – AND to help them with Medicare Extra Help and Medicare Savings Program/ Medicaid benefits. These are processes which can be complicated and confusing.

That’s where this “journey” began, and before long, I knew I was helping people, and feeling fulfilled. 
Discovering my passion...

Medicare is very complicated and can be very overwhelming to most people. I was able to help answer my customers’ questions and help them understand the nuances of Medicare plans perhaps in a way unlike anyone had done for them before. Some of these people were in dire financial straits, and in many cases, I was able to help them save hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 
Grateful I did...

I have discovered that I truly enjoy working with people who are 65 and older and love being able to help guide them through a complex decision-making process. There is a satisfaction gained from knowing you've helped someone and knowing that they are going to be taken care of after you're done…

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I LOVE talking about Medicare! :)